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The Cell Institute of Los Angeles is located in the city of Encino, California. Bruce Fishman, MD, MPH, F.I.C.S., and his medical team including Melat Haile, NP-C, help people in the Greater Los Angeles area overcome pain and regain function by providing one of today’s most advanced and exciting treatments: cellular therapy. 

Our medical staff at The Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles includes exceptionally qualified healthcare providers with board certification, who specialize in cellular therapy and regenerative therapy, orthopedics, connective tissue abnormalities, neurological conditions, sexual health, hair loss, and aesthetics. They devote their time, research, and practice to using evidence-based procedures that promote healing and relieve pain. 

Patients with musculoskeletal problems caused by injury, overuse, or age-related degeneration can find relief from pain that persists despite conventional medical treatments. 

Pain in any part of the body, including the back, neck, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and feet, may be reduced or eliminated thanks to cellular therapy and a customized protocol. Patients may get long-lasting relief as cellular tissue repairs the underlying problem. 

The experts at the Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles have created a specialized biologic regimen depending on your injury that works together to diminish your pain, reduce inflammation and increase the regeneration of the injured tissue. To enhance the success rate of your therapy, we include peptides, IV infusion therapy, hyperbaric oxygen, Low-level light laser, and (PEMF) Pulse Electric Magnetic 

Field, treatment to increase cell function.  In some cases, will be provided a t home device (PT5 IF) Multimodality electrotherapy system for home use. Lastly, for people that have developed muscle atrophy due to long-term pain and injury, we may utilize Emsculpt to rebuild and strengthen the surrounding neuromuscular system. 

To learn more about relieving pain with bio-cellular therapy, call the doctor's office (818) 808-2828 or use the online booking feature to schedule an initial consultation. 


Words from our patients

  • "Best medical decision I ever made! The stem cell procedure is quick, easy and has no recovery down time! Great alternative to surgery if that is an option."

    Verified Patient
  • "I’ve had several stem cell injections and my knee pain has improved continuously over 18 months. I can now workout almost pain-free and even run again!"

  • "Stem cells and PRP are the reason I am able to run today."



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