IV Therapy for Athletes: What to Expect

IV Therapy for Athletes: What to Expect

One of the drawbacks of oral vitamin supplements is that the journey through your digestive system affects the way you metabolize those vitamins. You may not benefit from the entire amount of the vitamin doses you’re taking simply because your gut breaks them down. 

Intravenous (IV) therapy bypasses your digestive system completely, delivering supplements and hydration directly to your bloodstream — so your body immediately benefits from the infusion. IV therapy formulas can also target a range of conditions and permit customized treatments designed to meet your needs.

Dr. Stem Cell in Encino, California, specializes in IV infusions, offering up the benefits you’re after in convenient one-hour sessions. Dr. Bruce Fishman recommends IV therapy to his patients who are athletes, competing on any level, as a way to stay in the game and maximize performance.

The effects of sports on your body

For a person who’s healthy, eating right, and adequately hydrated, there’s often no need for IV infusions. You can, in theory, gain all the essentials your body needs through eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. 

Of course, perfect health isn’t always attainable, and even the best diets sometimes need wiggle room. For an athlete, though, the demands of their participation can often tilt the balance, no matter how carefully they plan their nutrition.

Sweating during exertion depletes water and electrolytes. Blood flow moves to the muscles and away from the digestive system and other organs. Strain on muscles has effects on the cellular level, leading to inflammation, aches, and pain as your body starts to repair itself. 

The stress on your body produces cortisol, a natural immune system suppressant. Dehydration and reduced organ blood flow temporarily suppress kidney function. While sports participation can be exhilarating, it places heavy demands on your constitution. 

The benefits of IV infusion

Exertion through sports activities typically happens fast. Even marathon sessions are over in a few hours. You can count on feeling the effects of the game, which could last hours, days, or longer.

Eventually, a balanced diet and rehydration bring you back, but recovery takes time, as food, drink, and rest perform their important work within your body. An interesting fact is that hydrating after a game can further lower your electrolyte levels before food starts to restore them.

This is where the fast delivery of IV therapy becomes a game changer. Instead of waiting for the nutrients to arrive through your digestive system, an IV infusion delivers the targeted benefits directly to your bloodstream. Rehydration begins immediately, and you can choose other treatment options to address issues such as aches and pains, suppressed immune system, low energy levels, or speed of recovery. 

You don’t need to be a world-class level athlete to gain the benefits of IV therapy. Dr. Stem Cell offers the Myers’ Cocktail, the infusion that started the IV therapy concept. This general health and well-being formula can benefit virtually anyone. 

Learn more about the benefits of IV therapy by arranging a consultation with Dr. Fishman and the team at Dr. Stem Cell. Contact the office by phone, or request an appointment online anytime.

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