Is Working From Home a Pain in Your Neck?

Is Working From Home a Pain in Your Neck?

With more people working from home since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an increase in orthopedic problems like neck and back pain. Most people not prepared for working from home have had to make do with makeshift workstations, which has resulted in some unwelcome neck pain

Much of the pain can be attributed to poor posture and unsupportive home office chairs. At Dr. Stem Cell in Encino, California, Bruce Fishman, MD, offers top quality regenerative orthopedic medicine to help patients in the greater Los Angeles area get relief from neck pain. 

Our team has noticed a spike in neck pain complaints from patients working from home. Here’s how you can ease neck pain while working in your home office and how regenerative medicine can help you get meaningful relief. 

Create a spine-friendly workspace

Workplaces generally use furniture and setups that are ergonomic, meaning they’re designed in a way that supports your spine as you work throughout the day. From adjustable desks and monitor mounts to ergonomic chairs and keyboard layouts, traditional office setups promote proper spine alignment.

While furniture designed for traditional offices is often available at a higher price point, you can still outfit your home office with an affordable, spine-friendly setup. It’s wise to invest in a high-quality, ergonomic office chair. Visit your local office supply store and test out the available chairs. Choose a chair that’s comfortable, allows for seat, back, armrest, and height adjustment, and has some ergonomic features. 

Use a desk or table where you can sit comfortably with your spine straight and your chin level — no reaching or hunching. Look for a desk with height adjustment. Some people choose sit/stand desks to mitigate the negative impact of sitting for long periods. 

Use proper posture when working

While you’re plugging away throughout the day in your home office space, being aware of and correcting your posture can make a major difference. Proper posture alleviates unnecessary stress on your spine. 

Hunching over your desk with your head jutted forward puts added pressure on your neck (cervical spine), paving the way for neck pain. The same is true when you’re using your cell phone or other mobile device where you may tend to crane your head downward. 

Adjust your screen so it’s at eye level and you can keep your head in a neutral, level position. If you’re looking down or up at the screen as you work, you’re putting your neck in an unnatural position and placing stress on your spine. The goal is to maintain a natural alignment while sitting and standing.

Have the proper tools for work calls

If working from home requires frequent or extended calls, it’s critical to have the necessary equipment to avoid neck pain. Holding a phone between your shoulder and ear leads to neck pain and tightness. This position causes neck and shoulder muscles to engage constantly, resulting in chronic tightness and muscle imbalances.

Relieve neck pain with stem cell therapy

At Dr. Stem Cell, Dr. Fishman offers groundbreaking stem cell therapy to provide comprehensive treatment for neck pain and injuries. Stem cell therapy uses the healing power of your own cells to provide safe, effective, long-lasting pain relief. It’s the only therapy capable of healing the root of the problem. 

In addition to neck pain caused by working from home, stem cell therapy can help patients suffering from a range of chronic conditions such as arthritis, bulging discs, and herniated discs by providing pain relief without the risks associated with traditional surgery.

Dr. Fishman provides a cutting-edge treatment that can ease chronic neck pain so you can work and function with less pain. To learn more about stem cell therapy, schedule a consultation at Dr. Stem Cell by calling our office or requesting an appointment online today.

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